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Mr. Jay



Regardless of age, everyone is welcome to study TOEIC with Mr. Jay if they wish to do so. However, if you cannot understand this paragraph the class may be too difficult for you :) We study MTWT and focus on the listening portion of the test which is best practiced in a classroom. Even though we do not do the RC section of the test daily, we do have a mock exam every 2 weeks including the RC section once a month. Also Mr. Jay will give new students an RC book to practice at home and a grammar book as well. Students are welcome to come early and study at MRJ Academy as well! 


MTWT 99,000 won  including all study materials. Most classes last from 50min. to 70min.

Once a month classes may go longer due to a mock test.


Start of class: Vocabulary game. The most common words found on the TOEIC.

News: Students listen to BBC news and are asked questions 

TOEIC questions: A number of questions from parts 1-4 of the test are attempted and analyzed together.

End of class: Grammar game. Part 5 of the TOEIC test is practiced as a group game. 

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